Amelie Dot

Amelie is an alternative Latvian model, a friend of Kittie. She was on my list for ages, both times I visited Riga she was travelling. She came to London and short notice, so we had a quick shoot even though my main camera was away being repaired. I hope we will do it again, and take more time, with a better camera next time!
2021-03-29 -
2021-03-29 - "Two Black Ropes"
Some hanging from the ceiling. I'm not sure what the hooks were for! Art nude
2020-08-31 -
2020-08-31 - "Wrists Tied"
All I needed to do was tie her wrists :) Art nude
2020-02-24 -
2020-02-24 - "Chained In The Corner"
I decided to get all grainy here, with Amelie tied up in the corner of the dungeon. Art Nude.
2019-05-13 -
2019-05-13 - "Hung Up"
This time I had Amelie hanging from the ceiling, and some of it got really dark :) Art Nude.
2019-04-29 -
2019-04-29 - "Behind The Back"
A nice start to being tied up for Amelie here, with her arms tied behind her back. Art Nude.