Charlie Ten

Charlie seems to be a right wild one! A fun, bright, and very naughty model. It took us a while to get a shoot together, and I hope we manage to do it gain :)
2020-11-30 -
2020-11-30 - "Cum When Taped"
I taped the wand to Charlie's pussy, so she had to cum several times :) Explicit
2020-10-26 - Video:
2020-10-26 - Video: "Glass And Bone"
Any excuse for Charlie to cum! Explicit
2020-03-30 - Video:
2020-03-30 - Video: "Rope And Glass"
Charlie is nicely tied up, but she is able to make herself cum with the glass toy. Explicit
2020-02-24 -
2020-02-24 - "Doggie Bone"
Charlie's dog bone gag feaures here :) She likes this sort of thing! Explicit
2020-01-27 -
2020-01-27 - "Purply Glow"
I deliberately set this glow effect, as it suited Charlie's outfit :) Explicit
2019-12-23 - Video:
2019-12-23 - Video: "Two Orgasms"
She came twice this time. That's why the movie is longer than usual! Did you expect me to stop her? Explicit
2019-10-28 -
2019-10-28 - "A Bit Sensitive"
Charlie said she felt a little sensitive have used the wand in a previous film. It didn't stop her here though! Explicit
2019-07-22 - Video:
2019-07-22 - Video: "Taped To It"
When taped to the wand, you relly have to cum! Explicit
2019-05-20 -
2019-05-20 - "Yes You Can"
Have tied up Charlie and put her in the corner, she wasn't sure if she could use the toy successfully. Yes you can! Explicit