Angelina is a fun Latvian model I met on my last trip to Riga. I didn't recognise her at the start as the photos I had seen of her had red hair. Oh well, she still looked great :)
2020-01-27 -
2020-01-27 - "Big Hook"
Like most bits of metal in the dungeon, this was probably meant to be used for some sort of suspension. Guess what Angelina uses it for! Explicit
2019-12-09 -
2019-12-09 - "Tied Astride"
We got Angelina tied astride the vaulting horse at the start, when we let her go a bit by the end :) Open leg.
2019-04-08 -
2019-04-08 - "By The Wrists"
Angelina was very enthusiastic with the bondage - In fact, after shooting this, I had to take a load of pictures on her camera. Oddly, like most photographers,…