Babe, aka XXXBabe69XXX (at least, that's what she wrote on the paperwork, but I can't pronounce that!), is a real rarity. An Indian nude model :) And she's covered in tattoos! She was a lot of fun, and I have to shoot her again :)
2021-02-22 - Video:
2021-02-22 - Video: "Bound With Gold"
Yes, once I'd tied Babe up ,I gave her her gold vibrator to use :) Explicit
2020-09-29 -
2020-09-29 - "Big Knots"
I think there is more of the knots than of Babe in this set! Art nude
2020-06-29 -
2020-06-29 - "Bundle Of Rope"
We made a big mess of tying Babe up here, then she could use her toy :) Explicit