Custom Photo Sets & Videos

I can do custom sets of around 100 photos, or 5 - 10 minute videos, for you for about $50 - $80 (depending on the model, and how naughty it is - it all goes to her!)

Email me at artcore-cafe (at) to make arrangements.

Obviously it is easiest if you contact me concerning models who I am scheduled to shoot soon, but I will take enquiries about other models - you will have to wait until I can arrange something.

This material is for your personal use and must not be published.

Payment will be required before the shoot (but only when the shoot is confirmed). The exact amount by negotiation.

Payment to me, via PayPal (to artcore-cafe (at), or to the model.

If the shoot is cancelled at the last minute, or postponed, money will be returned (minus any transaction costs), or you can wait until the shoot can be rearranged.

Under normal circumstances I will send you the finished material via wetransfer within 7 days of the shoot, but this is "best endeavour" and may be delayed slightly depending on workload.