Covers of some of the videos available inside Artcore's Cellar
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Edite in
Edite in "Red Rope"
Edite is tied up, but she's allowed to stroke herself :) Explicit
Charlie Ten in
Charlie Ten in "Video: Two Orgasms"
She came twice this time. That's why the movie is longer than usual! Did you expect me to stop her? Explicit
Cherry English & Kayla Louise in
Cherry English & Kayla Louise in "Cherry Spanked"
Cherry's bottom is well used to being spanked, so we had to do it too! Nude
Molly in
Molly in "Handcuffed"
So, I handcuffed Molly and tied her legs (a first for her)... then I got to make her cum! Explicit
Haphazard Kittie in
Haphazard Kittie in "Trying To Escape"
A lot of clattering and rattling going on here as Kittie tries to get away! Art nude
Cherry English in
Cherry English in "Tied To The Bed"
I think Cherry really enjoyed being tied to the bed. Taping the wand to her certainly helped! Explicit
Jeannie Starr in
Jeannie Starr in "Black Tape, Red Rope"
The red rope ties Jeannie up, while the black tape holds the wand onto her pussy :) Explicit
Charlie Ten in
Charlie Ten in "Taped To It"
When taped to the wand, you relly have to cum! Explicit
Nicole Vice in
Nicole Vice in "Can't See A Thing part 2"
The blindfold is from an aeroplane :) It seemed a nice addition when we tied Nicole up & Dom fucked her :) Part 2 or 2. B/G
Joha in
Joha in "One Finger"
I thought it would like erotic and scary to trail one finger across Joha while she was tied up. It did! Open leg
Marina Markova in
Marina Markova in "Tied With Silver"
Marina proper plays with herself while tied up here :) Explicit
Olga Cabaeva in
Olga Cabaeva in "Tangled In Rope"
The ropes aren't too tight, so Olga can still play with herself. She's more tangled really! Explicit